Who we are.

Andi and Mike

The Taylor'd Design started when my wife and I got engaged and decided to throw a huge wedding. It was that time in our lives when everyone was getting married and we were getting wedding invitations and save the dates in the mail every other day. We wanted ours to stand out in the crowd, so we scoured the Internet for options that were unique and fun and different...but of course we had a budget, and none of the unique, fun, different designs came anywhere close to fitting that budget. There seemed to be two options for us: lame templates that you could print yourself (and everyone would know that you printed them yourself) or super pricey invites that a million other people had already used (one summer we got three of the same invite for three different weddings!) So we made our own. Not only was it just what we wanted, we were able to get them printed and mailed for just a little more than those template invites would have cost.

I'd studied design and photography in college, so when I got an amazingly positive reaction to our invites, I thought it would be great if I could help other couples do the same thing we did...for a reasonable price...and The Taylor'd Design was born. Since then, we've branched out and we now offer design services not just for weddings, but for all the events in your life. We even design logos for small businesses and help with advertising and fliers. We also offer on location photo shoots in the Phoenix area for families, children, couples, or events - with a CD of the digital images so you can print them yourselves or post them on Facebook or whatever your heart desires. Check out our portfolio and see for yourself what the Taylor'd Design can do for you.