Jan 192012

Hey! Mike has an awesome camera, but this the Canon 5D Mark II is more awesome, and MCP Actions is giving one away to an incredibly lucky person. We’d really love it if that person was Mike, so maybe you could click on this here link and enter the contest too? MCP Actions Snag a Canon or Nikon Camera Giveaway!

And if you win, maybe you’ll let Mike borrow it from time to time? ;)


I’ve always loved Etsy – you can find amazing stuff on there, and you always feel good about purchasing things because you know someone poured their heart and soul into making or collecting the things that they sell. So I decided that a great way to promote our Save the Date designs would be to sell them on Etsy! Please take a moment and check out our Etsy storefront!

We’ve got a few things up there, and plan to keep adding more, so if you have an Etsy account, please favorite us or add us to your circle!

I’m even selling some of my knitted creations through our store (because why not?!?) and Mike is going to be selling some prints of his amazing photography – the non-portrait stuff. So if you need a hat for your head or art for your walls, we might be able to help with that too!

And one more request before I sign off for the day… Have you ‘liked’ us on Facebook yet? If not, please head over and click that thumbs up button!

Thank you all for your support. We surely do appreciate it!


Generally the goal of the newborn photography session is to get pictures of peaceful, sleeping, happy looking babies. Well, sometimes that’s just not real life, and I have to say, I think this is one of my favorite photos…ever.


Don’t worry – we got a few pictures of Bentley looking sweet and peaceful too – but this is the one that’s going on Daddy’s wall at work!

To see more of Beautiful Baby Bentley, check out our photography page:


The amazing folks over at I heart faces have a weekly photo contest, and this week’s theme is ‘Best Face Photo from 2011′. My first thought was to submit a picture of the McCarrel family – they just look so happy in this photo! Don’t you agree?


So, wish us luck! And while you’re at it, go check out some of our competition!

Photo Challenge Submission