I am trying to work through as many photo challenges as I can. Not only does it give me some deadlines (though I’m right on the cusp of missing this one) but it helps me become a better photographer.

The first photo for January’s theme of resolution is what first popped into my head when I thought of resolution… pixels.

Shot of the pixels from my T.V.

Did you know what the pixels on your LCD TV looked like? Now you do.

Next was what usually pops into my head when I think of resolutions… excuses.

Fife chewing on my shoe.

The dog ate my resolution.

And lastly, what I should be (and starting a week ago, am) doing… working out.

I work out.

Stetson Valley Cross Fit.

That’s all for this month. Maybe my resolution should be to post these things more than 9 hours before the deadline.

  One Response to “MCP Project 12 | Month 01 | Resolution”

  1. Absolutely love your take on pixels for resolution :-)
    And the sun flare is great!

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